Intelligent Autosampling

With our long experience in intelligent autosampling we can help to improve efficiency, speed and accuracy of your analytical device.


In case you need an upgrade kit or spare part for your ESI autosampler feel free to contact us. Our experienced team will not only order the right parts but also install them onsite.

Training, Application and Validation

We provide extensive training of your lab personal to guarantee a high quality standard in your laboratory. Application and validation support will help to increase efficiency.

Years of Experience

Working hard to deliver the best quality

The demand of training is increasing due to the quick changing environment laboratories face in the past years. We will improve lab skills, train new employees and set up the right method and/or improve your current application. This will lead to significant cost savings by increasing your through-put time.

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Ready to Work With Us?

Feel free to contact us in case you need assistance for example with your method/application development etc.. We will get back to you shortly.