What we offer

  • Assistance throughout sample study, specific sample preparation
  • Development of analytical measurement methods (application set-up)
  • Validation procedures for quality assurance as well as accreditation
  • Support in enhanced security
  • Expertise in intelligent autosampling (official consultant for Elemental Scientific, ESI)
  • Reporting of end result
  • Worldwide consultancy and customized trainings in English, German, Dutch, Polish and Swedish.

…and a lot more.

Our Vision

Education, cost reduction and improving element analysis with Spectroscopy and Spectrometry techniques. Solving analytical problems and/or providing applications for several market segments like; Chemical, Clinical, Environmental, Food and Beverage, Geological, Isotope Ratio, Lubricals, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical etc.

Our Mision

Our aim is to provide a complete, specialized support and training within the scope of inorganic analysis using microwave sample preparation, AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS. We provide a comprehensive assistance throughout sample study, specific sample preparation, development of an analytical measurement method, validation and reporting of end results.

Maurice Reijnen
Inorganic Application Specialist and owner

Company History

IMScience B.V. ("IM Science") was founded in 2018. In 2009 Maurice started his own company Inorganic Solutions which he successfully runs until today.
IM Science was founded to deliver service, consultancy and trainings to contractors and suppliers worldwide. IM Science sells intelligent autosamplers and consumables from ESI. 
Method development and application setup for different markets.